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West Olds Dental can help with Invisalign, Gum Reshaping, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Reshaping, Your Smile Makeover

West Olds Dental can help with Invisalign, Gum Reshaping, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Reshaping, Your Smile Makeover

Have you ever done something so spectacular that you couldn’t help but smile? Maybe it was something outside of your comfort zone. Maybe it was a difficult task that you didn’t think you’d be able to accomplish.

When you finished it, you were so proud of yourself, you couldn’t help but smile – a real “ear-to-ear” grin, right?

Can you think of something right now, in your mind?

I bet there’s a good possibility you’ve thought of a scenario where you were grinning so big in your head, but in reality, you’re trying not to smile right now, aren’t you? If you’re like almost a third of all adults, you’re too embarrassed to smile. You don’t like your teeth.

So let’s give you 5 different solutions so that you can have the smile you love. That way, the very next time something happens to make you feel as happy and proud of yourself as you did at that moment you just remembered, you can smile so bright that you outshine the sun!

Solution #1 for Yellow, Stained Teeth: Teeth Whitening

  • Do you have an event coming up that you’re planning for?
  • Maybe a job interview or a graduation ceremony?
  • Family photos, a reunion, or a big date?

Whatever your reason for wanting the confidence that comes with a brighter, whiter smile, West Olds Dental Clinic can give you the smile you’re looking for!

The best part? You can do this all in the comfort of your own home, using the best and strongest whitening system, Opalescence Whitening. You’ll begin to see results right away, and won’t have to worry about tooth sensitivity like you would with other systems like Zoom Whitening.

Solution #2 for Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth: Cosmetic Reshaping

  • Ever have anyone glance awkwardly at your mouth when you smile?
  • Have you ever had anyone tell you that you look great when you smile and you should do it more often…but you’re self-conscious of the chipped or cracked teeth that show?
  • Do you have issues with your smile or teeth that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest, but you’re afraid of what is necessary to fix them?

If cracked or chipped teeth are a concern for you, we’ve got GREAT news!

Thanks to a special bonding polymer we use here at West Olds Dental Clinic, you can have the smile of your dreams without grinding or shaving your teeth. It can be colored to match your existing tooth enamel, and can often times transform your smile in just one appointment!

We perform the entire procedure here in our office, so once the special lighting is applied to harden the polymer, you’re ready to leave with a completely new smile!

Let us know if you’re interested in talking more about Cosmetic Reshaping!

Solution #3 for Visible Gums When You Smile: Gum Reshaping

 If you feel like you show too much of your gums when you smile, we actually have an option for you!

In the past, surgery was the only option to perform such a procedure. What a great thing that we live in such modern times!

At West Olds Dental Clinic, we use soft-tissue lasers to reshape your gumline, get rid of unwanted extra gum areas, reduce bleeding and shorten healing time.

If you’d like to have a conversation about Gum Reshaping and are curious about anesthesia, let us know! We have a variety of options to fit your sedation needs! Your comfort and confidence are our top priorities!

Solution #4 for Crooked Teeth, Gaps, Crowding, Overbite, or Underbite: Invisalign

If you are unhappy with the direction of your teeth, if you’d like to have that “Hollywood” set of straight, perfect teeth without the obvious metal brackets stuck onto your teeth, then Invisalign may right for you!

Invisalign isn’t “braces”. They’re trays made custom just for your mouth. Every 2 weeks, you’ll get a new set of trays that will need to be worn until it’s time to get the next set.

The trays are removable for eating and to brush your teeth. Better yet – they’re invisible so no one will even notice that you’re wearing them! Many people even report seeing results in as little as 8 weeks (but the full treatment time is usually 12 months).

And, at the end of your Invisalign treatment, you’ll have a smile you can be proud of!

Solution #5 for All of the Above: Your Smile Makeover

Maybe you’d like straighter teeth AND a whiter smile. Maybe you want to correct chipped teeth AND correct an overbite.

Whatever combination of procedures you’d like to put together, Your Smile Makeover is the path you need for the perfect smile that will last a lifetime.

We can work with you to create a treatment plan that works for you! Of course, we have flexible financing options available as well.

With West Olds Dental Clinic by your side, the smile you’ve always wanted is within reach! Let us know what we can do to help!


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