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We’ve all been a victim of false news and hearsay – especially if it comes from people we know. When it comes to your health, a false belief can be as fatal as a terminal disease. Believing unverified information can put your family’s health in jeopardy. Since we’re talking about mysteries, your tonsils are probably one of the most misunderstood organs in your body–and for a good reason. Aside from swelling up and causing you painful problems, these lymphatic organs do their magic behind the scenes.

In the mood to unravel the mysteries surrounding your tonsils? Keep reading and check if you’re among the myth-believers!

MYTH ONE – We only have two tonsils

This is perhaps the most common misconception about our tonsils. And the answer is a big NO. Your tonsils do not come in pairs. In fact, you have two other tonsils inside your oral cavity. But it’s quite understandable why people believe so. What you often see at the sides of your throat are the most visible ones—the Palatine tonsils. You probably remember them as the pus-filled tissues you can’t seem to stop staring at. These are the ones most people think of and have no known use at this time.

The adenoids, or Pharyngeal tonsils, which can be found behind your nose and the lingual tonsil, situated at the back of your tongue help shield your mouth and nose and produce antibodies to combat foreign pathogens.

MYTH TWO – Tonsils are like the appendix–they’re both useless

Quite the contrary, don’t let your tonsils’ discrete and low-profile location fool you. They’re a vital part of your lymphatic system. These lymphoid tissues are tasked to be the first barriers of the body to neutralize bacteria and viruses entering your nose and mouth. Tonsils produce white blood cells to combat microbes and make use of lymph or colorless fluids that flush out these nasty pathogens out of your system. And unlike the appendix, human evolution did not render your tonsils outdated.

MYTH THREE – Tonsillectomies are completely unnecessary

Despite being one of the primary agents in warding off pathogens, tonsils can also get infected. Moreover, severe life-threatening complications surround tonsil removal. Despite these risks, your surgeon might prescribe to discharge your tonsils when you’re already experiencing recurrent Tonsillitis, chronic strep throat, and even severe halitosis.

If an adult or child has sleep apnea where a person abruptly stops breathing in their sleep, their tonsils might be obstructing their airways. Needless to say, this is a severe condition that needs medical attention, and thus, tonsillectomy is advised.

MYTH FOUR – Replace your toothbrush after you’ve had Tonsillitis

It is not really debunking a myth but a clarification. Of course, you’ve been using the same toothbrush while you still had Tonsillitis. And as you’ve been made aware, this condition is caused more commonly by bacteria and viruses. Now, before you rush to your bathroom sink while readily clutching your toothbrush in front of the waste in, hear us out.

Germs and bacteria can live in your toothbrush. This is an undeniable fact. In addition, microbes and pathogens can thrive in wet bristles. But experts emphasized the role of your natural antibodies. After full recovery, you’ve already developed resistance. Your immune system can quickly deal with what’s left on your toothbrushes. As long as you follow your dentists’ recommendation of replacing your toothbrushes every three months, you’re on the right track. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful, does it?

Final thoughts

Recheck the list and see how many myths you previously believed. If you already knew these were myths, good for you! You now have the knowledge and mindset that will help you in appreciating your tonsils. Now, spread the truth about your tonsils!

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