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Know The Effective Tips To Deal With Teeth Sensitivity

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Do regular activities like eating, drinking, and brushing cause you any discomfort? If so, you likely have sensitive teeth.

Suffering from this dental problem can be caused due to numerous factors. Fortunately, there are effective ways to reduce tooth sensitivity. Some of these methods can be easily adopted at home.

How To Deal With Teeth Sensitivity?

We have come up with tips to deal with teeth sensitivity. Go through the pointers below and know how to get rid of the issue with ease. 

Use A Toothpaste Made For Tooth Sensitivity

Make sure to get toothpaste that is specifically made for sensitive teeth. These kinds of toothpaste contain an ingredient that temporarily fills the tiny holes in your enamel and dentin, giving you relief from pain or discomfort. 

Use A Toothbrush With Soft Bristles

Changing your toothbrush is one simple method to get relief from sensitive teeth. Using a toothbrush with hard bristles may aggravate your issue. Hard bristles damage the enamel and abrasive toothpaste, which eventually leads to more microscopic holes and, in turn, increases sensitivity. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush gently to protect your teeth’ surface and keep your gums healthy.

Get A Mouthguard To Wear

Teeth grinding during the night might lead to teeth sensitivity. It is also known as bruxism. This can be avoided by wearing a custom mouth guard at night, which is provided by your dentist. It will shield your teeth from pressure and protect against wear that might be caused due to nightly teeth grinding.

Go For Gum Check Up At A Dental Office

Suffering from gum problems (diseased or receding gums) can be a significant cause of tooth sensitivity. Receding gums expose the part of the teeth with no enamel, leaving the nerves somewhat unprotected, which can be the reason for severe discomfort. Make sure to go for gum checkups at a dental office to identify gum problems (if any) at an early stage. You need to know that healthy gums protect your teeth and reduce the chances of suffering from sensitivity.

Make A Mouthwash With Salt Water

Tooth sensitivity can be immediately diminished by making and using mouthwash with salt and water. The reason behind it is pretty simple – the pH level in the mouth is balanced by salt water, resulting in an alkaline environment that reduces the growth of bacteria. Simply put two teaspoons of salt in a cup of warm water to make a saltwater rinse. Use this rinse in the morning and at night until sensitivity improves.

Oil Pulling Can Be Really Helpful

Coconut oil can help if you have sensitive teeth from a possible bacterial overgrowth. Oil pulling is the practice of swishing liquified coconut oil around in your mouth. This remedy has been utilized to promote dental health for many years. In addition to removing bacteria and toxins from the gum surface, coconut oil also dissolves dental plaque and prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This makes your teeth and gums stronger, lessening dental sensitivity.

Use just one tablespoon of heated coconut oil. Swirl the oil for 20 seconds inside the mouth before spitting it out. Also, rinse your mouth with warm water following the oil pulling.

Avoid Certain Food Items And Beverages

Some foods and beverages might increase teeth sensitivity. Avoid coffee, fruit, pickles, sodas, and other acidic foods and drinks that can make your teeth more sensitive. Similarly, it’s advisable to stay away from really hot or cold foods and beverages because they can cause immense discomfort.
We hope you now have a clear understanding of the tips to deal with teeth sensitivity.

If adopting such measures doesn’t yield any noticeable results, do not hesitate to contact a dentist near you. Book an appointment with West Olds Dental if you are looking for the best dental care in Street Olds, Alberta. Give us a call to schedule your visit today


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