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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are what many people call the 3rd molars. They are the last teeth to emerge if they don’t cause problems. Unfortunately they often do cause problems. For most people our jaws are not large enough to be able to accommodate this set of large teeth coming in and the result is teeth that are crooked or that don’t fully emerge. When they don’t fully emerge the gums tend to grow back over them as a flap that can trap food which can lead to infection.

If they do fully emerge, wisdom teeth are so far back that they are difficult for most people to clean. This in turn can lead to infection or decay.

Some wisdom teeth never emerge because they get stuck or impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain and swelling and eventually become so inflamed they need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth typically start to make their appearance between the ages of 15 to the early 20’s. This is also the ideal time to have them removed because the roots are only 2/3 developed and we find they are easier to remove and the recovery is usually much quicker.

At West Olds Dental we try to make our patients as comfortable as possible by providing IV sedation for all wisdom tooth extractions.

If you still have your wisdom teeth or if they haven’t yet made an appearance, give us a call today for your free wisdom tooth consultation and find out if it’s your time to have them extracted.


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