The 5 Worst Drinks for Your Teeth and Why You Shouldn’t Have Them

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February 7, 2019
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February 14, 2019
best drinks for teeth

best drinks for teeth

The majority of people, probably like yourself, are interested in better overall health. You watch what you eat, (or at least try…) You’re mindful of exercising, and you try to stay somewhat in shape.


One of the most often overlooked areas of physical health is your mouth and dental health. One of the worst offenders to good dental hygiene are the drinks you consume each day.




Here are the 5 Worst Drinks for Your Teeth:


  1. Soda – The acids in most sodas, as well as the sugars and sugar byproducts added to make them taste so sweet, increase your risk of cavities by softening the enamel which protects the roots from exposure. Sodas can also stain your teeth and make them look older (and you along with them) than they actually are.


  1. Coffee – Many adults have a cup of coffee each morning. What some people don’t realize is the dentin, which sits underneath your tooth’s enamel, can be stained and turns your teeth yellow. This is due to the natural coloring of coffee. Then, of course, there’s all of the sugar some people add to their favorite morning beverage. And by now, you’re probably very aware sugar increases the risk of cavities!


  1. Tea – Don’t misunderstand here. Certain teas do have antioxidants and help your body fight oral cancer. However, it’s the black teas and other darker colors that can stain your teeth just like coffee! If you must have tea…go with green or light-colored teas. And again, keep away from the added sugar.


  1. Alcohol – Not only do the high sugar levels in most alcoholic drinks lead to periodontal disease, but many of the drinks most people turn to (wine, beer, or liquor) can wear down your enamel as well. Wines may have higher antioxidant levels but will also stain your teeth.


  1. Sports Drinks – Before you reach for that sports drink after a good run or workout in the gym, remember that the high acid content in these drinks are sometimes worse for you than soda. These drinks can also damage your tooth enamel.


Of course, we all need to drink, right? We aren’t saying all beverages are bad and you should avoid them all.


Here are the Top 3 beverages you SHOULD be drinking:


Drink This, Not That

Water – There’s something to be said for old fashioned water from the faucet. Many towns add fluoride, which is a bonus to your mouth’s health. Water contains no sugar or sweeteners of any kind in it to facilitate cavity growth. It does help to control your weight. And on a hot humid day, you just can’t beat a cold icy glass of water to quench your thirst!


Milk – Got milk? This is another great beverage option. With several bone-strengthening nutrients (calcium, protein, and phosphorus, for example), it’s a great go-to beverage at mealtime!


100% fruit juice – The third alternative to the 5 top offenders is juice. When selecting a juice, you have to read the labels carefully. Some are a combination of many things and not really natural juice at all.  Juice tends to have a higher sugar content and some juices can stain your teeth as well. So, if you decide to have some juice…be sure you consume it in moderation.


All in all, good oral hygiene isn’t just about brushing and flossing (although that IS a large part of it). Being mindful of what you’re eating, AND drinking can also help you maintain that healthy white smile.


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