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How To Take Good Care Of Your Braces?

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Once you get braces, your oral care routine has to go through several adjustments. For instance, you might need to brush more than two times a day.  It might get difficult to take care of your teeth once you get braces. Food debris might get easily stuck on the gaps on your braces. It requires a little more time and effort when it comes to oral care after you get braces for your teeth. Our dentists at West Olds Dental have provided a few tips that can help you to take better care of your braces. 

What Are Braces?

Before jumping into the tips, let us first find out what are dental braces from your favorite Street Olds dentist. Braces are orthodontic tools that help in the correction of dental issues such as crowding, crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces are commonly worn by teenagers, but they can also be worn by adults. Braces will slowly straighten your teeth and get rid of your issues of misalignment.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Braces

Your favorite dentist in Street Olds has provided certain tips and tricks that can help you to take better care of your braces. Share this information with your friends and family and enjoy better oral health together.

Brush Your Teeth & Braces With Proper Care

Since plaque can get easily around braces, you will need to brush them more carefully and thoroughly. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash or simply plain water to remove bits of food from your teeth and braces Then, remove any detachable orthodontic pieces, such as bands or elastics, and store them in a safe and secure container. After brushing, clean the narrow areas and edges around your braces with a specialized brush. Then, reattach the orthodontic pieces that you had previously removed. Make sure to brush every tooth, bracket, and wire carefully. It is ideal to brush after every meal to avoid any complications.

Avoid Using Your Braces As A Tool

It is never acceptable to use your teeth as a tool, irrespective of whether you are using braces or not. Using your teeth as a tool to open hard objects can cause cracking and misalignment. Using your braces could damage the brackets and cause you a lot of pain. Your treatment timeline could also be delayed. If you want to finish your treatment faster and achieve that perfect smile, you must be careful with your braces. Avoid biting into the tip of your pain, your nails, and other sharp objects. Consult your Street Olds dentist for the best braces today!

Follow A Soft Diet

You should be mindful of what you eat once you get braces.  Some foods, particularly hard ones, are actually harmful to your braces. Dental care professionals advise their patients to refrain from munching on popcorn since it can be very damaging for the metal brackets. Softer foods, such as smoothies, yogurt, and other dairy products, should always be preferred by people who wear braces. Softer foods are easier to eat and will not cause any damage to your dental braces. You can simply eat anything as long as they are not too hard, large or spicy. You can consult your dentist in Street Olds for a list of food items as well.

Use A Mouthguard

Once you get braces you must take extra precautions to protect your teeth and braces from damage or destruction while playing. Wearing a mouthguard protects your braces from damage during sports. This is important if you participate in sports that require you to take a hard hit, such as hockey, baseball, and so on. 

Consult Your Dentist

You must consult your dental care professional from time to time once you have opted for braces.  Typically, you will be required to visit the dental office once a month for brace adjustment and cleaning. You must let your dentist know in case of any pain or discomfort since they are the only ones who can ensure a smooth treatment plan.

We hope this blog has provided you with the required information. Looking for the best orthodontic braces in Street Olds, AB? Get in touch with us at West Olds Dental and enjoy the best dental care services.


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