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Dental Care and Your Pregnancy – Part 2

pregnant woman upright in dental chair - use caution but don't avoid the dentist while pregnant
Dental Care While Pregnant – Part 1
January 31, 2019
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February 7, 2019
Keeping care of yourself during pregnancy is very important

Keeping care of yourself during pregnancy is very important

There’s a lot that goes with a woman’s body during pregnancy. In Part 1, 4 important tips were given to start you off once you find out you’re pregnant. In Part 2, 3 additional tips offer information that can actually help keep you feeling good and your unborn baby healthy!


Morning Sickness 

Morning sickness

Morning sickness


Most probably you don’t even want to think about morning sickness! No woman does!  And, for some, the thought of having something in your mouth…including even brushing your toothbrush can spark the onset of morning sickness!


If you’re having difficulty with morning sickness and your toothpaste or the act of brushing your teeth is an issue, talk with your dentist.  There are bland toothpaste brands which may make the act of brushing easier.


If you find that you are still vomiting frequently, be sure to rinse out your mouth with water or a mouth rinse. This will, at least keep your mouth and breath feeling fresh and help to remove particles until you can brush again.


Eating Right for Your Teeth and Baby


It’s common for pregnant women to crave sweets during pregnancy. However, you are at a much higher risk of periodontal disease during pregnancy and have a greater chance of developing tooth decay.


Eating a healthy diet is vital. If you can, substitute fruits for the sweets. Fruits contain naturals sugars that aren’t as bad as the refined sugar. Also, since the baby’s first teeth begin to develop during the first trimester, a diet rich in calcium and other nutrients is a must for your baby’s teeth and bone.


After You’ve Had Your Baby


Regardless of whether you had any issues during your pregnancy or not, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist after the baby is born. It’s important to have your mouth examined to make sure there are no lingering periodontal issues.


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