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Dentures: Definition, Types, Procedure, Cost

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June 3, 2022
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June 22, 2022

If you’re considering getting dentures, there are five things you should ask a dentist before going ahead with the process. Our dentists at West Olds Dental have answered these five questions in this blog.

Dentures: Definition

First and foremost, what are dentures? Dentures are removable tooth substitutes that can be readily removed and reinserted into the mouth. Dentures have been a standard in dentistry for decades, and they can be used to restore someone’s confidence by providing them with a new set of teeth. Dentures are an option for someone who wants to replace lost teeth, albeit they will take some getting accustomed to.

What Kind Of Dentures Are There?

Dentures may now be created and designed to look as natural as possible because of technological advancements. Dentures have a reputation for seeming artificial in the past. They can now be as comfortable in physical look and functionality as they have always been. Dentures come in two varieties: complete and partial. The type of dentures you’ll require is determined by how many teeth you need to replace.

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures are flesh-colored bases that are custom-made to fit over your gums. The base of the upper denture will cover the roof of your mouth. To accommodate your tongue, the bottom base is shaped like a horseshoe. According to the requirements, different materials are also utilized in various dentures. Keep in mind that each circumstance is unique to the patient’s needs.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Accustomed To Dentures?

Because there is no standard time for getting accustomed to dentures, this question is unique to each patient. Dentures may be unpleasant or awkward for a few weeks or up to a month for many people. With a large device in your mouth all of the time, eating and speaking might be difficult. Your tongue and mouth muscles may be worn out, resulting in excessive saliva flow. It’s normal to have minor irritation or soreness, and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

How Long Will My Dentures Last?

Your oral structure will naturally change as you get older. Your dentures may loosen due to these changes, making chewing more difficult. Due to normal wear and tear, your dentures will need to be relined by your Street Olds dentist or even manufactured over time. If you want a more permanent alternative, dental implants can offer you new teeth without the need to replace them as the years pass. Speak to your dentist in Street Olds for further information.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Dentures can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000 for a whole set, depending on your Street Olds dentist, the number of teeth that need to be replaced, and any other measures. It will cost extra for more intricate processes and molds. If you decide to return or remold your dentures, you will almost certainly incur additional costs. When you consider the long-term advantages of dentures, they become a convenient option for a new set of teeth!
We hope this blog has provided you with all the necessary information. Get in touch with us at West Olds Dental for the best dentures in Street Olds, AB.


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