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5 Common General Dentistry Questions

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Taking care of your teeth and gums is crucial regardless of your age, background, or current state of dental health. Access to affordable dental treatment allows you to preserve your natural teeth while also lowering your risk of significant medical issues such as heart disease. Unfortunately, each year, 100 million people in the United States Of America alone fail to see a dentist. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, you may have some queries in mind. In this blog, we have come up with the most common general dentistry questions. 

How Often Should You Consult Your Dentist?

The majority of general dentistry specialists advise visiting your dentist once or twice a year. You may require more frequent examinations if you have a persistent dental disease or some other issues that impair your oral health.

How To Find A Dentist Near You?

Looking for a reliable dentist near you is not a problem anymore. You can just use the internet to just search for the “top dentist near me.” Go through the information available on the internet to select an option that suits your needs. In case you are looking for top-quality dental care in Street Olds, Alberta, book your appointment with West Olds Dental. 

What Usually Happens During A Dental Check-up?

Your dentist will ask you questions about your medical and dental history and examine your teeth, gums, and mouth visually and manually. If necessary, X-rays may be taken. Your dentist will assess your overall dental health and make treatment or maintenance recommendations. A dental hygienist can also provide you with a professional dental cleaning.

Is It Necessary To See A Dentist When You Don’t Have A Symptom?

Not all dental problems exhibit symptoms in the early stages when they are mostly curable. Even if your mouth feels fine, it’s crucial to obtain regular, affordable dental treatment. The most acceptable and affordable outcomes come from early detection and treatment.

Which Signs Indicate That You Should See A Dentist?

Some of the symptoms that demand you to consult a dentist near you are:

  • Sensitivity in the teeth
  • Inflammation in your gums
  • Traces of bleeding from your gums
  • Suffering from persistent bad breath
  • Swelling or pain in the teeth, mouth, face, or neck
  • Facing problems while swallowing or chewing
  • If you have a history of tooth decay or gum disease
  • A history of diabetes, Immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, or HIV 
  • Unusual pain in the jaw
  • If there is an oral sore or a pain-free lesion

We hope that going through this blog has been of practical help. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at West Olds Dental if you have any further questions. We are fortunate to have the best dentists in Street Olds and a team of dental professionals who are always ready to answer all your questions and provide top-quality dental checkups. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.


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