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Free Dental Day

West Olds Dentists want to make sure you wear your mouth guards during sport-related activities!
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July 31, 2018

West Olds Dental Supports Community with Free Dental Day

As a family oriented dental practice, we care deeply about our local community and are grateful for their support. This is why it was such an honor to give back by offering dental services for those most in need during our recent Free Dental Day on May 28th.

Supporting Families with Essential Dental Services

Families applied beforehand so we could select people who most needed our help and who didn’t qualify for social assistance. This also allowed us to maximize the use of our time so we could see more patients. Our team provided a range of services that included free dental examinations, cleanings and tooth removals. It was such a pleasure to offer our services, especially as we are only too well aware that many local residents struggle to afford routine dental care and will often wait until they are in pain before they see a dentist.

Why We Recommend Regular Dental Care                

As dental professionals, good dental care is something we feel very strongly about, especially as routine dental care can often avoid the need for lengthier and more expensive treatments in the future and of course it can help to avoid tooth loss. During regular dental exams, we can keep a close eye on your dental health, carefully monitoring any changes so any necessary treatment can be provided at a stage when it is quicker, cheaper and less invasive. Our dental team is also great at patient education, as by understanding your dental health, you can take control of it that much more easily.

If you would like dental care from a team that cares for and supports its local community, call us today on (403)672-0202. You can also book online.


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