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Fun dental facts aren’t just fun to read – they’re fun to share! Especially with little ones who are just learning how to brush. Check out a few fun dental facts we found below and see if you can use them to influence the young brusher in your household!


  • The first set of false teeth was discovered in the 8th century BC.


  • 20% of patients wear braces between the ages of 20 and 60.


  • Most children are brought to the dentist for their first visit at the age of 3. (But kids should be visiting the dentist at age 1!)
    Lippia Dulcis (Aztec sweet herb)

    Lippia Dulcis (Aztec sweet herb)


  • An obscure Mexican plant called the “Lippia Dulcis” is 1000x sweeter than table sugar. This plant does not cause tooth decay and could serve as the source of a low-calorie sweetener in the future.


  • There are 60 herbs commonly cited for treatment of dental problems in ancient Chinese medical books.


  • On September 20th, China celebrates “Love your Teeth Day” – a national holiday promoting oral awareness among its 1.2 billion people.


  • Not long ago, dentures were common wedding gifts in the British Isles because many people expected to eventually lose all of their teeth and expedited the process by having them extracted at an early age.


  • A $250,000 mechanical mouth developed by dental researchers can duplicate a year’s worth of chewing in 24 hours and takes four bites a second, drastically speeding up the testing of dental materials.


We may have fun in our office but it’s for good reason. Sharing fun facts about dental hygiene, dental health, or other dental-related mysteries make great conversation starters when teaching your child how to brush (or getting them to cooperate on days when they’d rather not).

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