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Here’s a Way You’ll Will Never Have Cavities Again!

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March 19, 2019
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April 6, 2019
nice smile makes a person more attractive!

nice smile makes a person more attractive!

If you’re like most people, every day you probably discover things you don’t know you don’t even know.

For instance, if you’re thinking about getting dental implants, there may be a LOT of things you have questions about. Or you may not know you didn’t even know.


For example, did you know that:

Dental Implants don't get cavities

Dental Implants don’t get cavities

  • Of all the tooth replacement solutions, dental implants have the highest success rate


  • Dental implants are made of titanium. The metal post bonds to the bone and replaces the missing tooth’s root, providing a durable foundation for replacement teeth or crowns.


  • Dental implants cannot get cavities. But you still have to brush and floss and take care of your natural teeth and gums and implant supported teeth as normal.


  • Because of their good support, dental implants actually preserve and stimulate natural bone in your jaws; keeping you looking younger.


  • Because they are fused to your natural bone, dental implants make your jaw even stronger.


There may be questions you have that you don’t know that you don’t know about dental implants, working with our office, or how to get started. Here’s probably the most common question I hear from our patients:


Are Dental Implants affordable?


If only everyone knew about the options for flexible payments and financing over time.


We have patients who have completed treatment with dental Implants who thought they would never get the smile they wanted.


And a smile not only boosts your immune system, but 96% of people say that a nice smile makes a person more attractive!


If you have been dreaming of getting a Dental Implant but thought it was out of reach, or even if you have just been too busy to get started, there’s no better time than now. Click here or give us a call at (587) 855-4747 and let’s start that conversation together!


We’re pleased to offer a FREE report that provides addition important dental information. Why not get your copy now?

THE SMART CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO Implant Dentistry  is just a click away. And it’s absolutely FREE.


Also, for added information, make an appointment, or have a question answered, you’re more than welcome to call us at West Olds Dental at (587) 855-4747 or click here to visit our website.


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