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    Gums bleed while you brushYour teeth are sensitive to hot or cold liquid/foodsYou feel pain in any of your teethHave any sores/lumps in your mouthHave any head, neck or jaw injuriesEver experience any clicking or pain in the TMJ area, difficulty opening or closingHave frequent headachesYou clench or grind your teethYou bite your lips or cheeks frequentlyHad any difficult extractions or prolonged bleeding from it in the pastHad any orthodontic treatmentsYou wear dentures or partialsNone

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    We need a photo of of each patient for our records. If you have a clean headshot of the patient above please upload it here. Otherwise we can take a photo when they arrive.

    I agree to pay value of said services,which shall be as billed unless objected to by me, in writing, within the time for payment thereof. I agree that a waiver of any breach of any time or condition hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of any further term or condition and I further agree to pay all costs and reasonable attorney fees if suit be instituted hereunder. I understand my personal information disclosed is protected by the Privacy Act. I agree that West Olds Dental can electronically file dental claims on my behalf.
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