Why are Dental Checkup and Cleaning Necessary?

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Going for regular dental checkups and cleaning sessions can be the key to having a healthy smile. It is advisable to visit a dental office after 6 months if you want to reduce the chances of suffering from serious dental problems. But, a major percentage of the population does not get the free time to invest time in professional dental care. This can take a toll on their oral health and ultimately affect their overall physique. 

Studies say that execution of oral hygiene steps such as brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash might not be enough to keep your mouth clean and fight against harmful bacteria. This is where the importance of preventive dental care emerges. Here at West Olds Dental, we do realize the importance of imparting information related to dental treatments. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Gathering knowledge is a great way to get rid of any sort of inhibition or fear regarding visiting a dentist. Keeping this in mind, the best Alberta dentists have come up with a blog that will discuss the importance of dental exams and cleaning in detail. 

What is the Importance of Dental Checkup?

The dental checkup process involves a professional checking your teeth for cavities. He/she can also take an X-ray to figure out if there is a cavity in between two teeth. Special emphasis is also placed to check for plaque or tartar on your teeth and along your gumline. Now, plaque is a colorless film-like substance that consists of harmful bacteria. If the plaque is not removed daily it can get hardened into another layer called tartar. So, making sure that there is no deposition of plaque or tartar is a must during a professional dental checkup. 

Your gums will then be checked by a dental professional. A special tool is usually used to gauge the depth of the spaces in between your teeth and gums. The gap should be shallow ideally. The space gets deeper if you have diseased gums. 

Lastly, the dental checkup also includes a proper examination of the tongue, neck, head, face, and throat. The dentist or any other dental professional searches for even the minor signs of redness, swelling, symptoms of oral cancer, etc.

We hope that you have now gained a clear understanding of the need to go for a professional dental checkup. 

What is the Need for Dental Cleaning?

Undergoing regular dental cleaning sessions at a dental office is an essential part of an oral hygiene routine. Apart from keeping your teeth and gums clean, this process helps to diagnose a dental problem at an early stage. This lessens the chances of facing serious nightmares. Some of the basic benefits of dental cleaning are:

  • Prevents Dental Cavity – Dental cavities or teeth decay is one of the most common dental problems. Dental cleaning sessions can prevent this issue with ease. Moreover, this treatment is far less expensive if compared with a root canal or filling (the treatment options if you have severe cavities). 
  • Helps to Avoid Tooth Loss – Suffering from gum disease can lead to missing teeth. You need to know that buildup of plaque and the formation of tartar are major factors causing gum disease. Getting your teeth and gums cleaned at a dental office can prevent any sort of periodontal issues and in turn prevent loss of teeth.
  • Keeps Your Breath Fresh – The problem of bad breath or halitosis can be very disturbing. It is generally caused by the bacteria present inside your mouth. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and going for dental cleaning can help you have a clean, odor-free mouth. 
  • Brightens Your Teeth – Having bright, shiny teeth plays a prominent role in making your smile attractive. Intake of certain kinds of food items or beverages and other medical conditions can form yellow stains on your teeth. Getting your teeth cleaned helps to avoid yellowish stains and achieve a perfect smile. 
  • Improves Your Overall Health – You need to realize that your oral health is directly connected with your overall health. So, ignoring minor oral problems can put your health in jeopardy. Going for dental cleaning sessions helps to prevent dental problems and as a result, boosts your overall health.

Now that you are aware of the importance of dental cleaning do get in touch with a dentist. Contact West Olds Dental if you are looking for the best general and family dental services in Street Olds, Alberta, or nearby. All you gotta do is just give us a call. Our team of dentists and other professionals are here to always help you have a healthy and perfect smile. Schedule your visit today!


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