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January 10, 2019
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You notice your child seems to be having a hard time chewing. Or maybe their jaw looks like it’s protruding out and the upper teeth are now biting behind the lower teeth. Should you be concerned about this? The answer is a simple yes. But don’t worry. You can catch this before it really becomes a problem.


Your dentist should be able to tell early on if your child is in for developmental issues regarding the future of their month. Usually around the age of 6 or 7, the dentist can diagnose and predict if their adult teeth are going to grow in properly, if there is ample space for those teeth and if they foresee any additional issues. For instance, that jaw you noticed protruding forward.


While the child is still young, it is not uncommon at this age to engage several ways to help correct issues, including braces. By using braces early, the dentist can take advantage of the growing still happening with the bone and easily correct some of the malocclusions that show up at this stage.


This early intervention is known as interceptive treatment. It will help the formation of the mouth and jaw as it develops. Interceptive treatment doesn’t guarantee further treatment will not be needed later as well. However, it does make that future treatment easier and the corrections will take a shorter period of time.


It used to be that braces were only put on once the growth had stopped. But time has proven this treatment of a child wearing braces earlier, while growth is still taking place, has a much better outcome for the adult mouth.


Should your child need braces, there are several choices and you and your dentist will discuss to decide which one is best for your situation.


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