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July 28, 2021
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August 13, 2021

You must have often come across people saying that the habit of smoking can be harmful to the human body in numerous ways. It can be really injurious to your oral health and also cause serious dental problems. Do you smoke regularly? If yes then going through this blog will help you to know the reasons to give up this habit today. So, let us start discussing the 4 ways in which smoking can affect your oral health.

Smoking can lead to Plaque build-up and Tartar

The flow of saliva into your mouth can be reduced due to smoking. Now, saliva is mainly responsible for washing the food particles stuck in between your teeth and also fighting against the infection-causing bacteria. So, less saliva creates an ideal environment for the deposition of the remnant food particles and also initiates the growth of bacteria. This can ultimately contribute to plaque buildup that later hardens into tartar. You need to know that once tartar is formed, it can only be removed by going for deep teeth cleaning at a professional dental office. Both formations of plaque and tartar can do severe damage to your teeth and cause tooth decay. Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine can lessen the chances of you suffering from these problems. But, giving up the habit of smoking is necessary. 

Smoking can be the reason for Oral Cancer

Studies say that almost ninety percent of the people suffering from the problem of throat, lip, or mouth cancer are smokers. This fact clearly indicates that smoking tobacco can be a reason for you going through severe pain and discomfort. Quit smoking today!

Smoking can interfere with your Blood Circulation

Smokers might notice bleeding from gums while flossing or brushing their teeth. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Smoking tobacco can affect your gum tissues in a negative way. It ultimately interferes with your blood circulation. This is why smokers take longer to recover after going through surgery for implants, gum treatment, extraction, etc. 

Smoking causes Yellowish Teeth

Do you love the shiny white glaze of your teeth? Well, the habit of smoking can hamper the beauty of your smile by initiating the formation of yellowish stains on your teeth. Though going for professional teeth whitening treatment can help you get rid of these stains, smoking after the treatment can reform the stains once again. Consult a dentist if you want to gain detailed knowledge about the steps involved in teeth whitening.  

Smoking can make you suffer from Bad Breath

Are you suffering from the problem of persistent bad breath or halitosis? If yes then smoking can be the reason behind it. Dentists advise following these steps to resolve this problem – brush regularly, floss before brushing, rinse your mouth with mouthwash, do not smoke.

We hope that now you have enough reasons to give up smoking. Keep your teeth and gums healthy, prioritize your health over a bad habit. In case you have any further questions related to smoking and its impact on your oral health, contact West Olds Dental. Our dentist in Olds offers top-quality dental treatments in Street Olds and the surrounding areas. So, if you live in the nearby neighborhoods and are looking for the best dental care, schedule an appointment today!


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