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Straight Talk About Veneers from Your West Olds Dentists

west olds dentists answer what is your biggest obstacle
West Olds Dentists Answer: What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?
August 14, 2018
Don't let sensitive teeth hold you back! Call West Olds Dental Clinic today!
West Olds Dentists Answer: How Important is Tooth Enamel?
August 21, 2018
Your West Olds Dentists think nothing should keep you from a perfect smile!

Your West Olds Dentists think nothing should keep you from a perfect smile!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been posting articles about the importance of a beautiful smile. In fact, based on a study by Kelton Research, 73% of people believe that those with straight teeth are more trustworthy than those whose teeth are not properly aligned.

If you’ve been curious about Veneers or wanted to get more information, what’s stopping you? You’re doing the world an injustice by not putting your best face forward!

If you need time to make a decision, we thought it could be helpful to learn about how we have helped some of our best patients:

Amazing the girls here are amazing from the receptionist to the hygienist and the dentist. They are all so kind and gentle. I have major anxiety over the dentist from childhood experiences and they made sure I was completely comfortable at all times. I highly recommend west olds dental. – Brandy Werdal

If you’re ever interested in reading more patient stories you can find them on our Facebook page by clicking here!

For so many people, Veneers has really been life-changing. And it can be for you!

If reading about others inspires you to achieve your own results then let’s get started. Just call to let me know you’re ready and I’ll take it from there.


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