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What You Really Can Do to Help Your Child at the Dentist

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January 3, 2019
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Most people, including dentists and their staff, realize how much you, as a parent, love your kids. When it comes time for your little one to hop up into the chair, parents tend to “help” a little too much. It’s certainly natural and dentist around the world understand.

If you really want to help when your child goes for a dental appointment, here are a few “Dos” and “Don’ts” to help.

Don’t bring a cheering section into the dental room. They can wait in the lobby.

Do think in terms of Mom or Dad or whoever brings your child to the dentist. However, one visitor, only if needed, will be helpful. Also, if others insist on sharing the experience, please let them in on these tips as well.

Don’t do too much while your child is in the chair.

Do stay out of the way so they can do their work and gain your child’s trust and friendship.

Don’t try to explain to them what is going to happen prior to the visit.

Do allow the dentist and staff to do this and play along. They will present things in a fun way and keep everything painless and enjoyable.

Don’t reach out to grab and hold your child’s hand just before they’re given something to numb the area. This sends a signal something bad is about to happen and makes them anxious or fearful.

Do allow your child to experience things on their own without giving subtle hints of possible pain. Sometimes parents aren’t even aware they do this. With the new and different techniques available today, giving an anaesthetic has almost no discomfort as it did in years passed.

These may seem like small adjustments to the dental visit, but it will make a huge difference to the dentist and staff. More importantly, you’ll be making the visit to the dentist a lot more fun and enjoyable for your child.

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