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Find Out If You Can Remove All 4 Wisdom Teeth At Once

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Wisdom teeth pain is a very common problem in young patients as they enter adulthood. A dentist can recommend going for wisdom teeth extraction if the pain becomes very severe. In this blog, we will discuss if an individual should get all wisdom teeth removed at once. 

Should You Get All Wisdom Teeth Removed At One Go?

The answer to this question solely depends on how your wisdom teeth grow and how severe the pain is. In most cases, the dentist might want to remove all four wisdom teeth at once. Let us first talk about the wisdom teeth removal process even if you do not have pain in any four wisdom teeth. 

How Do The Wisdom Teeth Or Third Molars Work?

The third molars are also referred to as the wisdom teeth, as they are the last set of teeth to grow. Since the rest of the teeth have already erupted, there is usually no room for the wisdom teeth to grow without getting crowded. Most individuals face wisdom teeth pain from ages sixteen to eighteen and can continue to trouble throughout adulthood.

The wisdom teeth tend to increase the risk of facing oral problems, which is specifically why an orthodontist may choose to remove all four in the same session. 

What Are The Benefits Of Removing All Four Wisdom Teeth?

Whether or not you are suffering from pain in all four of your wisdom teeth, you might want to remove all of them in one go. Some of the benefits of taking this decision have been provided in the section below.


It makes more financial sense to have a single procedure where all the wisdom teeth can be removed rather than scheduling multiple sessions at different times. Undergoing this procedure once at a time will also increase the expense of consultation visits. 

Fast Recovery

The wisdom teeth removal might require a couple of days for recovery. But, the recovery rate is fast and does not take more than a few weeks for complete healing. You might encounter minor pain in the first few days, which can be controlled with the help of the prescribed medications. 

Sedation Options

Many patients tend not to go for the removal of all wisdom teeth at one go as they suffer from the problem of dental anxiety. Fortunately, there are Intravenous sedation options for wisdom teeth removal, which can make them stay unconscious throughout the entire procedure. So, if you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, there is nothing to worry about.

Why Can Wisdom Teeth Removal Be Right For You?

As mentioned before, wisdom teeth that erupt improperly can impact your overall dental health. The teeth can be impacted if there is no room for them to erupt. This can ultimately lead to inflammation and infection. Do you notice signs of wisdom teeth that can cause a major dental issue in the future? Go for wisdom teeth removal without any delay.

We hope you now have a clear idea about if it is okay to get all your wisdom teeth removed at once. Book an appointment with West Olds Dental if you are looking for safe and top-quality wisdom teeth extraction treatment in Street Olds, Alberta. Our team of dentists and other dental professionals is here to provide you with customized treatment plans to meet your specific requirements.


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