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Your Connection with the Mayan Empire

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Mayan dental implants

Mayan dental implants

This may come as a shock, but dental implants are really not all that new. In fact, dental implants date back into the days of the Mayan empire. Who would have thought it?

Recently a Mayan woman’s skeletal remains were dug up in Honduras. Inside of the woman’s mouth were implants made of sea shells. Archaeologists have also discovered teeth made of gold, silver, and ivory in the mouths of Ancient Egyptians.

Fortunately, there has been much advancement in implants since the ancient times.

Currently, implant screws are made from high-grade sterile titanium. This titanium is similar to the material used to make NASA’s space shuttles.

dental implants

dental implants

These screws then fuse to the jawbone through a process called Osseo integration. After the implant integrates, your dentist will put a tooth on the screw to restore your natural bite. This is also a great way to restore a wonderful warm smile.

Keep in mind, this is all about reaching your goals of getting back the smile and self-confidence you always wanted.



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