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August 13, 2021
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August 30, 2021

Electric toothbrushes are simply one more appliance that you can use at your home to maintain a clean and healthy mouth between professional teeth cleanings.

Besides some leaps in the structure over the past 3,000 years, well, toothbrushes haven’t transformed much from the time ancient Babylonians chewed on the end portion of a twig till its pulp turned soft like a brush. One change that majorly enhanced the toothbrush’s function was the creation of the electric toothbrush in the late-1930s in Switzerland. The electric toothbrush helped individuals to care for their mouths more effectively and enabled people who are suffering from arthritis and various muscle-control problems to be a little more independent. Below are some benefits of electric toothbrushes. Take a look:

  • The Same, But Different

While every electric toothbrush appears the same, every brand has specific features to meet the different needs of different users. Some have heads that rotate or oscillate, while others have ultrasonic technology to break up plaque and remove food debris. A few have timers that beep at particular intervals, while the rest have various settings for particular problems like massaging your gums or stopping the brush head if you’re brushing very hard.

But every model renders a similar advantage: The ability to gently hold the brush in position while the motor and bristles perform the hard work of cleansing the teeth.

  • Relief for Aching Joints

For patients who are suffering from arthritis and other health conditions that affect the joints and muscles, electric toothbrushes put just little control back in their hands. It may not appear to be a very big deal to many of us, but the ability to brush your own teeth when you were not able to grip a toothbrush well can make a major difference in one’s self-confidence.

  • Perfect for Little Hands

Kids don’t generally develop the skill to brush without help until they are nearly seven years old or can tie their shoelaces without any help. Even then, dentists recommend adults help their kids brush their teeth or at least check their brushing habits to prevent cavities. An electric toothbrush helps kids feel a little independent while brushing. There are numerous different electric models for kids available on the market nowadays. A few have bright, flashing lights, while others play songs for the recommended two-minute brushing duration.

  • Deeper Clean for Orthodontic Patients

People who have got traditional braces can highly enhance their home care by using an electric toothbrush. They can clean more minutely and thoroughly, and the oscillating or vibrating brush head means bristles can reach into smaller gaps more easily than a manual toothbrush. Just ensure that the bristles are soft, and the brush head is small so that it can enter into the gaps between the brackets and teeth.

Final words

While everybody can benefit from an electric toothbrush, they are never a substitute for professional cleanings or an excuse to skip on your homecare routine. An electric toothbrush can work effectively and let you enhance your at-home care. It can also help compensate for coordination issues because of age and other medical conditions. However, you must still consider asking for help if brushing and holding a toothbrush becomes difficult for you. 

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